Climate Care Certified

The Climate Care Certified package offered by Auckland Inground Pools has met the stringent requirements of the Climate Care Certified program

The Climate Care Certified package offered is the environmental sustainability benchmark in the pool and spa industry and provides consumers with the ability to purchase their pool with confidence knowing that it delivers verifiable water and energy savings that have been certified by the peak industry body, SPASA.


Climate Care Certified Products

at Auckland Inground Pools

Auckland Inground Pools uses a range of products from a range of suppliers whose products are also Climate Care Certified

Products, systems, and materials used to satisfy the necessary criteria to qualify for Climate Care Certification Include:

  •  Pool Cover (essential)
  • Solar Heating
  • Backwash, water treatment & recycling systems
  • Backwash minimisation systems / pre-filtration devices
  • Energy efficient pool pumps / variable speed pool pumps
  • Noise reduction measures in place (i.e., acoustic boxes / plant room)
  • Robotic Cleaners
  • Cartridge Filters or filters using glass media
  • LED Pool Lighting
  • 30mm coping overhang (to reduce splash out)
  • Landscaping measures to minimise exposure to evaporative wind
  • Hydraulic efficient pluming
  • 50mm plumbing (min) or more depending on size of pool & flow rates
  • Smart meter or approved controllers, chlorinators, or self-dosing kits
  • Use of any SPASA Climate Care Certified product or service

Eco-Friendly Excellence: Auckland Inground Pools’ Climate Care Certified Package

The Climate Care Certified swimming pool package by Auckland Inground Pools uses innovative pool solutions that are environmentally sustainable and will save the end user thousands of litres of water each year whilst at the same time reducing noise, energy consumption and costs relating to pool ownership.

Auckland Inground Pools was established in 1999 and has thrived in the industry for over 25 years, taking pleasure in numerous exciting projects that span from unique architectural builds to complete refurbishments. Each pool is a one-of-a-kind creation.


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