Custom Build

Custom Pool Building

Are you considering the construction of a bespoke concrete swimming pool, spa pool or plunge pool?

Auckland Inground Pools specialises in custom-built concrete swimming pools, offering our expertise to ensure your unique construction is managed with precision.

Effective planning is crucial for a seamless, cost-efficient project. Prior to seeking quotes, it’s important to establish a comprehensive plan or design as custom builds are tailored to specific sites and involve many site variables.

Auckland Inground Pools can conduct on-site evaluations and will collaborate closely with your design team for a thorough site-specific analysis.

We engage in preliminary discussions to provide expert guidance from the conceptual stage to project completion to ensure the optimum result!


Advantages of a concrete pool

Reliable, resilient and practically limitless

Concrete swimming pools have no limitations when it comes to what may work on your site.  The size, shape, colour – you are not restricted to a mould, there is no need to replace liners and, with a durable reinforced sprayed concrete shell, it will last for several generations.

Some of the oldest buildings in the world are concrete masonry – and stand the test of time, with proper care, your custom concrete pool will do the same.

Concrete swimming pools are self-retaining and are ideal when you have a restricted area in which to position your swimming pool, or when building on a sloping, steep or difficult to access site.

The entire pool is custom made and the finishing touches are all yours – every concrete pool is unique with shape, colour, tiles and coping chosen along with optional additions of customised features such an eye-catching water feature, lighting or feature walls.

Additional features to consider

Pool Finish

There are several rendered cosmetic finish options for your concrete pool and Auckland Inground Pools are specialists in the application of several options – namely Marble, Quartzon, Hydrazzo and Jewels 4 Pools.

Pool Heating

Extend your pool swimming season each year with the addition of heating – we can guide you through which option is best suited to your site. Heat Pump, Gas or Solar are typical options.

Pool Lighting

Create a special ambience within your pool with the several LED lighting options available.

Water Features

Fountains, waterfalls, water blades and rain arches within your pool area create a great visual interest and sense of tranquillity in your greater pool landscape.

Pool Sanitisation Systems

There are several options available to suit your family and to ensure your pool remains sanitised, crystal clear and sparkling to gain the most enjoyment from your pool

Pool Covers

Whether you need a pool for the purpose of heat retention or to keep debris out, there are several options available to best suit your project

Custom Spa Pools

Spa Pools, Plunge Pools and water features are our speciality too!

Pool & Spa Automation

Allows you to remotely control your pool, spa, lighting and heating from a distance

Swim Jets

A great addition for some family fun or to provide some resistance training for those who wish to use their pool to keep fit

What We Offer


Custom Built Shotcrete Pools & Spas


Concrete Pool Renovation & Refurbishment


Commercial Installation & Renovation

Auckland Inground Pools was established in 1999 and has thrived in the industry for over 25 years, taking pleasure in numerous exciting projects that span from unique architectural builds to complete refurbishments. Each pool is a one-of-a-kind creation.


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